I am currently a student studying Secondary Ed and English. Reading is my passion and I hope to pass that passion onto the students I teach. As well I am currently writing a novel so I read as much as possible to pull inspiration from the world around me.

Book Con Adventure Part 3

As I said before I went to book con.  It was a very tiring day.   Though not m first convention it was however my first time at book con, as well the first time book con was done this way.  First being very happy that I can attend this special event.  Walking the show floor was very exciting.  After getting done with being amazed by the amount of books surrounding me I was able to actually process what was going on.  Walking around was amazing I got to talk and connect with many amazing authors and talk to many people as excited about books as I am.  I only attended one panel, because most of my day was spent on the floor, and it was about what you would tell past you about your first novel.  The panel was 3 amazing authors who's novels either just came out or were coming out in the near future.  They discussed many things like what you would tell your past self but also how they met their agents, what an auction was and other things.  They were very nice sweet and informative.  Though I personally only was interested in one of their novels they sounded like amazing writers and so glad that they were publishing these stories even if they were also nervous by how it would be received.  Overall the convention was a success and I am so glad that I was able to go.  So many people were so enthusiastic about books and that is me always even as I write this after waking from a nap.  I can not wait to hopefully go again and read all the new books I got.

Book Con Adventure Part 2

Waiting for the Bomb - Richard Livsey

This book was given to me by the author after we had a very lovely conversation.  Though the title at times can be misleading it is about anxieties and self-doubt especially centering around writing novels.  The story is about one man trying to write about 9/11 and how all these things affect him.  The author wrote this book for writers so that they can read about someone else's process and learn and grow from that.  I am so excited to read it that I already have a bookmark in the book (I do not use bookmarks often it means a lot).  Just one more thing that made my day.

Book Con Adventure Part 1

The Geek's Guide to Dating - Eric  Smith

Met the author of this book today.  He was such a sweetheart and left the message "Good lucky finding your player two".  So glad to have this book, I looked at some of it and it seems funny and a very good read.  I know that once I start I will not stop laughing and loving it.  So glad that I was able to get it.

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United We Spy - Ally Carter

Only read 23 pages but this one does not start off slow at all.  I am just too excited to see what happens to Cammie and her friends.  I am way too invested to let it go :)

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